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Other Services


Other Services


I am primarily a people photographer but here are some of the other services I offer:

- Family portraits
- Outdoor photos
- Studio sessions
- Baby Bump
- Babies first pictures
- Birthday / Hen parties
- Makeovers
- Boudoir 
- Model portfolios
- Events
- Corporate headshots
- Photo editing


Gift vouchers-

want to treat someone special with a photographic experience? Ask me for a voucher or...
we can plan something together to create a surprise for your special someone.

Get in touch now to see how I can help you with your needs. 





Almost everyone has a camera today, even if it maybe on a mobile phone. The possibility to take beautiful photos is instantaneous as you always have it in your pocket or in your purse. Adding your photos on to Facebook and Twitter lets you share your photos with your friends and family. Apps such as Instagram further helps in being creative and add special effects to photos. I believe everyone is a photographer and has the skills to take quality photos.

What I offer is the possibility to share my passion and help you enhance your photographic skills. I offer informal one-to-one training and mentorship sessions where we go out on location or in the studio and try to turn you from being an enthusiast to a bit more advanced.

I train on:

- advising on buying an advanced camera
- basics on working the camera
- creative composition
- understanding lighting
- studio work
- posing and directing the model
- using anything as your background
- photo editing softwares
- editing and post-production
- colour toning and stylising
- retouching (see below a close up shot of a beautiful model - the before and after)

My Approach

We do not sit in a closed room looking through endless pages but have a more practical and hands-on approach to using our cameras. 

Our training session would last from 2 to 4 hours or tailored to match your needs. My approach is very informal and friendly. Generally, we would be shooting out on location taking breaks in various coffee shops on the way, learning, laughing, chatting and just having a good fun day out. I have done these sessions around the great landmarks of London; organised road trips to capture the sunrise/sunset near Margate, or maybe just around places close by - parks, buildings, museums, etc. If I am working on a wedding or a particular project, you may also be able to experience my photography first-hand by being my assistant.  

If you just want to generally improve your technique or simply want to get into photography as a hobby, get in touch to see how we can plan our fun-day-out. I look forward to hearing from you.

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